Financial Compliance Management

Practical advice in compliance and important issues facing financial institutions;


On-site in-house specially tailored training programs;

Risk Management

Assess/audit, design and implement processes, controls, and infrastructure needed to mitigate the wide variety of specific regulatory and compliance risks that organizations face;

Regulatory Trends Assessment and Management

Through regular dialogue with institutions, trade associations, and other regulatory stakeholders, helps clients stay ahead of evolving regulatory trends and understand what actions can be taken. Advise institution on interpreting regulator and supervisory expectations; Continually track, monitor, and analyze regulatory developments to identify relevant and significant issues affecting the markets and our clients' businesses;

Crisis Management

Manage compliance crises, conduct special reviews, and develop efficient compliance programs;

Strategic Analysis of Impact of New Fintech Technologies and Innovation

Addresses a client's need for specific, custom, in-depth strategic analysis (e.g. of innovative technologies, Regtech and Fintech).

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